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About us

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Our story

We have combined more than a quarter of a century of experience with highly specialized knowledge and created a team that is able to meet the demands of the most demanding clients who strive for their products to have a valuable appearance in addition to their quality because just as clothes make a person, packaging sells.

We focus on the surface treatment of printed materials, from lamination to their coating to the creation of special effects.

We use the most modern machines and materials of the highest quality for our work. We follow the trends of development and for each customer, we choose a tailor-made combination of the production process with the most suitable material so that the result meets the requirements not only for functionality but also for a pleasant appearance and original design. As the ancient Greeks already knew, beauty is uplifting, and for us, it is also a motivation to work and a reason to improve our services.

We have combined university knowledge of polygraphy with production experience in a balanced tandem and are directing the company to offer top-quality services in the field of surface treatments for printed materials. The goal is to operate not only in the European market, where we have a permanent place but also in Asia, where we will be able to flexibly respond to customer needs and serve the territory there.

Experienced management

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Ecological approach

We advocate ecological practices in reducing our and your carbon footprint. We work with products available CO₂ certificates represent the amount of emissions for which financial responsibility is assumed through support for climate protection projects. One certificate corresponds to one tonne of greenhouse gases.


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